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LSA Recovery Inc. is a medically supervised outpatient chemical dependency treatment program providing a variety of services to individuals, as well as family members seeking help and support with substance abuse and chemical dependence. LSA’s personalized program guides you through the step-by-step process towards your recovery. It is important to realize that you will not be alone as you go through the process towards sustained recovery.

Our doctors and staff provide you with an understanding of chemical dependence, how it affects your mind, body and soul, and how you can recover. In addition to medical support, LSA will provide you with a robust support network that will help bolster your confidence as you proceed towards your important and achievable goal of recovery.

Medicaid and Medicare and most insurances accepted. Our health insurance representatives assist those in the process of obtaining insurance..


At LSA, we recognize the stigma attached to addiction, but oftentimes people suffering from addiction have experienced trauma in their lives. Our counselors are here for you and will guide you through the step-by-step process towards recovery without shame, guilt, judgment, or blame. Our doctors and staff provide you with an understanding of chemical dependence, how it affects your mind, body and soul, and how you can recover. We help you find a strength-based solution within, we customize our program to empower you on your road to recovery.

Here at LSA, patients will proceed through a customized recovery process with a support network and will develop a strong understanding of the effects of chemical dependency on your lives, as well as the lives of your families and loved ones. We believe that community is an integral part of the recovery process and strive to respect and accommodate each family’s cultural heritage, religious beliefs, and values. In addition to providing medical support, we provide a robust support network to bolster your confidence as you proceed towards the important and achievable goal of recovery. With the proper help, we believe your recovery is but a few steps away. That’s why we are dedicated to making Brooklyn a safer and healthier community. Let us work together to provide our future generations with a drug free community.



Our experienced counselors meet with you and your loved ones to conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine if treatment is required and which treatment is best suited to achieve a full recovery.

Individual, Family & Group Counseling

Counseling in an individual, family and/or group format have all been extensively researched as an effective method of treatment to help people address problem areas in their lives.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment for opioid addiction (MAT) is proven to be effective in facilitating recovery from opioid addiction for many patients. LSA’s MAT program can help alleviate cravings for substances and maintain sobriety.

Criminal Justice Counseling

Substance Abuse treatment for criminal justice clients consists of both education and rehabilitation. During treatment in this program, you and your loved ones learn about the underlying issues of addiction, and its effects.

MICA Program

The MICA Program helps individuals struggling with substance abuse addiction in addition to mental health issues. This program helps you regain stability and begin the process of recovery from substance abuse.

Crisis Management

In a crisis, individuals are challenged by multiple stressors and may be unable to choose the correct solution. LSA provides short-term methods of giving you or your loved ones the tools to cope during times of crisis.

Education and Vocational Services

Our counselors are professionally trained to help support and connect you with services that can assist in securing proper employment.

Care Management

Care managers work with you to assess the broad range of needs that people suffering from addiction may have. Care managers provide support with treatment, help develop independent living skills, and serve as the point of contact between you and others in your medical and social support system.

Substance Abuse Education

LSA counselors will help you understand the triggers, as well as the treatment of substance abuse dependency. Our outpatient program tailors a customized program for you and your needs to allow for a sustainable drug free way of living.

Health Education Groups

Our counselors will help you learn about how your health is impacted by addiction and will develop a personalized plan to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

HIV/AIDS Education

Our counselors teach you ways of preventing the spread of infection and can help you recognize behaviors that place you at risk of getting infected. Our HIV/AIDS management program provides you with support if you have already been diagnosed.

DWI Program

DWI/DUI programs are intended to provide education or treatment for individuals who have been charged with a driving while intoxicated (DWI) infraction or a driving while under the influence (DUI) infraction.
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Administration of Children's Services (ACS)

LSA works closely with ACS to provide assessments and referrals for parents and caretakers who may have a substance abuse problem. ACS is a governmental agency that provides welfare services to children and their families in the City of New York.

Naloxone Training and Kits

LSA’s experienced staff trains patients to know how and when to use Naloxone kits. Research shows that drug users, when trained, are as skilled as medical experts in recognizing an overdose and understanding when naloxone should be used.
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LSA employs a multi-cultural staff to best service our multi-ethnic community. Programs are conducted in English, Spanish, Russian & Ukrainian.
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LSA Recovery Inc. is affiliated with Interborough Development & Consultation Center, a mental health provider. Referrals to Interborough Development & Consultation Center are available to meet the full needs of our patients.

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Conveniently located within 2 blocks of the Q and B trains to King Highway, as well as the B7, B82, B68 & B100 bus lines.

LSA Recovery Inc. is a medically supervised outpatient chemical dependency treatment program. We accept Medicaid and Medicare.

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